Friday, May 18, 2012

Made Crafty Wish #2 - Keeping Hitty Cozy

Alterations have finally been completed!

Each cape now falls slightly above the hemline as was discovered during my Red Riding Hood research project.

The adjustment was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated.....I merely clipped away the corners from along the lower edge and.....

I love how much swirl this minor change brought to the cape.

Even better, this half circle version is now sized correctly for both.....

....the Robert Raikes Hitty..... well as the Gail Wilson version I was also working with.

So now that I have one specific pattern to work with I can turn my attention to creating a variety of other options. A blue plaid cape per chance?

Or some new colors and designs for the embroidery would be fun.

And then of course there are the unlimited options for the cape lining.....calico, florals, dotted, gingham.....whatever can be imagined!

Can't wait to get started on a new batch!


  1. It's absolutely beautiful! And the length is just perfect.

  2. You finished your Hitty!!!! I am so excited! Now mine has a sister. I love how the face on yours turned out!

  3. Oh dear Jane!!! I'm afraid I have a confession for you....I didn't finish my Hitty yet. The one in these pictures was borrowed from a friend. I did sand my pieces however and bought some new brushes to paint it. Do good intentions count?

  4. I love these red capes with that darling floral fabric lining! The embroidery is, as always, stunning! Always amazed at your work:)

    Yes, good intentions count;)

    1. The embroidery is my favorite part...and as an added bonus it's such a portable craft it can sit with me in a cozy chair at home just as easily as in the car waiting for one of the kiddos!