Thursday, May 17, 2012

Made it on to Pinterest!!!

Yes...after months and months of waiting to be invited into pinterest it was recently explained to me that you could request an invitation. Go figure! And so I requested, they invited and tah-dah...I had an account. Actually the tah-dah part was more like taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Very long and drawn out because well.....things like facebook and twitter and now apparently pinterest seem to be quite beyond my realm of comprehension. If you want to have a look see at my findings click here. I myself have had enough of the virtual world for today and am off to find some real ephemera to pin up on a real bulletin board!



  1. I joined Pinterest too a while ago. I like to pin potential projects, ideas and images that I see here and there. I don't really understand how some people get so addicted to it. I don't really check out other people's boards much unless it's someone I know. I guess I'm not a follower. I like doing my own thing:)

  2. I agree with you Mary Ann...I find enough stuff to reference during my travels on line that I can't imaging why I'd want to spent hours searching boards simply for the sake locating things to repin!