Friday, May 4, 2012

Made it Brighter

It's been raining here.....raining a lot....raining all week long in fact. And I'm finding this misty, damp, dim world does nothing for my motivation. Still chugging away at the bedroom and now the nook as well, I'm finding little satisfaction with the results due to the fact that everything just seem so blah. The return of the sun will I'm sure do wonders but I'm also feeling the itch to paint...and not lilies or buttons mind you but walls. I went so far as to pick up some paint swatches along the lines of lighter and brighter. Names like "Summer Sonnet," "Beachside," "Linen," and White Cliffs" are extremely tempting but realistically I need to clean house (aka declutter and simplify) first and redecorate later.

In the meantime I found a way to brighten up my afternoon at least. It started with some happy strips of scrap booking paper and a hole punch.

Add to that a bit of brainstorming with a sharpie and before long I had a rainbow of crafty wishes.

Luckily a book ring was handy so all thirty-five wishes were easily rounded up....

.....and dangled from the nook's new bulletin board!

Why thirty-five you may ask? That's how many Sundays are left before the end of the year and since the Lily Tutorial is complete I thought it might be fun to have something else to look forward to on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for the reveal of crafty wish number one!

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