Thursday, May 3, 2012

Made Me Ohhh and Ahhh.....

Isn't she darling?!! I am so in awe of all her tininess and ever so grateful to the kindred spirit that entrusted her in my care.

Sad, but true, this dear little Hitty is not mine. Rather, she is visiting the nook with a mission in assist with fittings in the construction of another woolen scaled down a bit to fit  Gail Wilson's petite version.

Unexpectedly, however, she has inspired the rumblings of another finally tackle my long neglected Gail Wilson Hitty kit!


  1. Natalie Jo, you will love making this doll. I have made two of them, and they truly are tiny treasures.



  2. Your words were the final inspiration I needed.....I started mine today! Many thanks!!!