Monday, May 28, 2012

Made Me See Double

 Yesterday we were off to Pop and Grandma's house for a Memorial Day cookout. Everyone was excited for the event.....
Kiddie #3 wanted to play Frisbee,
Teen #2 hoped to get a tan,
Teen #1 was game for some poker,
Dear hubby's tummy was hungry for steak,
Puppy dreamed of falling crumbs,
and I couldn't wait to see my mom's (newly redecorated for the summer holidays) dollhouse! 

 The housewarming gift was well received and fit in with the decor quite well if I don't say so myself! Speaking of decor.....I noticed something funny about grandma's houses. Mini house had a corner cupboard filled with blue and white china.....

 .....and so did the big house!

 Mini house boasted a decorated fireplace and more china hutch goodness... again did the big house both here....

 .....and here!

 A sun dabbled table complete with sweet tablecloth and festive dishware?


 Oh and don't forget the well groomed, obedient and oh so quiet puppy sitting by the rocker.'s a puppy by a rocker but I'm not saying anymore!


  1. Beautiful post, Natalie Jo! I love the dollhouse, and the human house as well; all those vibrant colors in red, white, and blue, with sunshine streaming over all :-)

    So much fun!


  2. Thanks so much for your kind words Beth...I'll be sure to share them with my mom. She always makes the best effort to have her house holiday ready for us!