Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Made a New Section in the Shop

 Just so you know the de-stash, de-clutter, de-stroy the house project is still going on behind the scenes here. Bit by bit, however, nooks and crannies of pure simplicity and serenity are emerging and if I can manage to squeeze myself into one of them oh let me tell you it is pure bliss! So encouraged am I by this that I've become a bit of a mantra maniac spouting out things like "A place for everything and everything in it's place," or "Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful," or some other such words of wisdom I've discovered while reading those wabi sabi books of mine.

 Problem is......in the wake of these words lies a trail of discarded items which are too good for the trash, too many to keep toting off to Savers, and too risky to leave in a pile for that "someday" yard sale. But then I remembered......Etsy has a vintage section! Technically I'd never really forgotten about the old goodies they offer, at least not from a buyer's perspective, but I'd never considered selling anything in that genre before. The hardest part about committing to the process was getting over the fact that many of the items I'd be selling there as "vintage" I'd actually purchased new.  I know my kids think I'm way beyond my prime but to have my possessions validate it.....UGH! But commit I did and ordered up myself a little shop section titled "Piccalilli Past."

 I'd previous had at my collection of L. M. Montgomery books and displayed the keeper's here, above the sewing hutch,
and here, in one of only three under-the-bed storage boxes. The excess was.....well excessive and so I made up the first three listings from those piles. With shipping fees on books and such so much more expensive than that on a wee pincushion or petite pillow, I decided to group things in lots so as to fit as much as possible in those flat rate boxes the post office so kindly offers, hoping to give more bang for the buck by doing so! However, I can't help but feel a bit guilty.....meaning my intention is definitely not to fill your house up with my junk.....unless of course you have a place for it, find it useful, or consider it beautiful, right?!!

 Or as dear hubby said to me last week upon returning home from the used bookstore quite a bit more than empty handed, "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"



  1. You are just gifted! and the housewarming gift that you made...wow. I am enjoying looking at your etsy shop. love,andrea

  2. Many thanks Andrea...your words always put a smile on my face!(as did the amazing hollyhocks I saw over at Bees and Buttercups...they are amazing!!!)