Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Made Me Smile!

Someone made a Lily and it wasn't me!
I actually found out about this sweet little girlie last night but I still haven't stopped smiling.....nor do I intend to!
Interested in putting a smile on your face as well? Pop on over to Sunshine Yellow and have a gander at Annette's new pincushion friend. While your there be sure to have a good look see at all the other sewing adventures she's got going on. I'm sure your be amazed!


Since  housework and organizing was getting me down a bit yesterday I decided to play a little hooky today.

And so, while Stormy and I checked out the gardens, the sewing nook was left to evolve a bit on it's own.

Who knows.....if I start focusing on fun instead of function perhaps the nook will actually decorate itself?!!

1 comment:

  1. You are so sweet. Thanks so much Natalie Jo. Making your pincushion has been a great experience all way round.