Friday, June 8, 2012

Made a Boo Boo

 Tomorrow I'm headed over to Candlelite Quilts for our handwork gathering which means I needed to make up my block of the month to take with me. There was little concern over the fact that I saved it to the very last minute since I was becoming a pro at whipping them up...or so I thought! Yet, by the look of my half square pieces in the center it seems to be I was quite mistaken.

I'd love to blame the off center diagonals and lack of multiple corners on the fact that two of the kiddos, currently down with serious cases of the sniffles, were quite distracting (take my temp, pillow please, where's my tea, it's too hot, it's too cold, why does he get the couch, can I have more Tylenol, can I have more tea, but it's my turn to pick a show, mom!)

Or perhaps I could say it was because I was so tired from cleaning up the inch of water discovered on the bathroom floor at 1:30 last night (don't even ask!)

I even debated pointing my finger at the poor innocent puppy who was constantly under foot in hopes of getting his fair share of attention for the day....what with the two sickos keeping me hopping to and fro.

The fault, however, lies with no one but me and my unfortunate habit of  failing to thoroughly read directions. Oh's staying as it is and I'm going to bed!



  1. I love it. That's what will give your quilt character. Don't forget, if you don't point it out in the finished quilt I bet people won't even notice the difference.
    Pretty color combo.

  2. Thanks for that Suzanne.....I love to think my quilt will have character!