Saturday, June 9, 2012

Made a Comparison

 On those days when I'm headed out the door on an adventure of sorts I have a habit of  
 gathering up all the items I'll need in one spot in order to make a quick and efficient escape. Today was no different except I decided to document it so as to create a before and after comparison. No particular reason why.....just seemed kind of fun.
1. Sweater and lotion since the weather has been so un-June like I half expect to be freezing and develop chapped hands. 

2. My go-to sewing basket outfitted with supplies and a hearty pile of Picca-Little doll pillows to work on.

3. Must have purse pile including sunglasses to drive, cell phone for emergencies, and money for a stop at Little Peach to see Dave and grab a cup of coffee.

4. Hitty cape wool remnants to match up with fabric for future linings.

5. One dozen Itty Bitty pincushions to drop off.

6. My slightly off  block of the month along with notebook and pen to make note of what to bring next time.

7. A pile of cheerios used to distract one little bichon puppy who has by this time taken note of the gathering ritual and is beginning to nervously anticipate my departure. By tossing them across the living room an instant scavenger hunt is created allowing me a quick minute or two in which to exit without having my skirt hem viciously attacked! 

1. Seem to have misplaced the lotion but am now wearing the sweater as it WAS too COLD for short sleeves. Some borrowed books were returned and requests for new loaners were noted in #6.

2. "Hmmmm" dear hubby wants to know, "only one and a half doll pillows finished in 3 hours time?" Seriously, how much sewing does he think can be accomplished with so much chit chat to catch up on?!!!

3. The coffee was delicious but the phone useless. Child #3's "emergency" question pertaining to his Lego contest submission had to be dialed directly to the shop's main line since my ring tone could not be heard over the all important chit chat.

4.Success in the shopping department!

5. In the spirit of old fashioned scrap bags I usually come home with and assortment of other member's trimming to make up even more doll pillows with.

6. Directions for next month's block which I promise to read this time around and lots of happy notes like "bring fun snacks."

7. Evidence of this month's snacking in the form of crumpled candy wrappers.


  1. now I'm sorry I didn't go . . . have been really busy getting things ready for my granddaughters' arrival . . . they are coming for a month !! . . . but I did miss seeing you . . . won't be making the July one either . . . we will be on our way home from a trip to Truro with the cuties !! . . . but see you in August !!

  2. Countdown till August then Cheryl! Wishing you a delightful visit with the wee girlies, natalie jo