Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Made Me Want One!

 Look what I found in my newest issue of Doll News!
 How could it be that I've never heard of these dear little wooden wonders? Possibly because they are almost nowhere to be found.....Ebay, Etsy, and Pinterest all empty of the Woodettes. Even a   Google search revealed nothing more than this.
 The article in Doll News, however, provided a wealth of information. Designed by the children's book illustrator Mary Alice Stoddard, these small collectible dolls were produced from 1940 to 1945. Sold  primarily in an unassembled state, children had the fun of putting the little wooden doll pieces together, painting the figures, and playing with the fiished product.
And now I want to make one too!


  1. Wonderful! I'd have loved to play with Woodettes when I was young. Correction. . . I'd still love to play with Woodettes. Let us know if you track any down and I'll keep a watchful eye for them here in the UK. Eli x

  2. Didn't Mary Alice Stoddard illustrate children's books? Kind of like the Dick and Jane type. Probably before your time...LOL Anyway I had a family set that I played with when I was about 6-7. They came to me with a doll house that was handed down to me from an older cousin. She was about 15 at the time and they did a big clear out of her dolls and things which was fine by me:) I don't think she ever played with them.

  3. Yes, apparently she illustrated quite a few children's books....I was able to find a few of those for sale and lots of images from them on flickr. But oh Mary Ann, I am quite "jelly donuts" that you actually had a set of these little darlings. What fun you must have had!

  4. I think they are what really started my fascination with miniature dolls and dollhouses in general. I have a few dollhouses still but sadly not those little sweeties:)

  5. You will never believe what I just found and purchased straightaway on ebay!! I cannot believe it...there was a box with the full set of 3 characters and their little matching boxes! Natalie, I cannot tell you what a surge of energy I've had, since discovering your blog...so many inspiring posts on paring down (says woman who just found too many sweet things on ebay;) I gave a good cleaning out/reorganizing/consolidating in the sunroom that doubles as playroom/studio. I was finally able to move my treadle Singer in there, and can't wait to get back to sewing. I have an itch to make little wooden peg dolls, and I fell in love with your post on Little Red Riding Hood. Found the 1948 Edition on ebay and can't wait for it to arrive. My granddaughter loves Little Bo Peep, and I was able to win an auction for a Nancy Ann (and will probably win the second one I bid on, as well) My living room is now ready for Christmas decorations as soon as live trees go on sale. I just had to thank you, too, for the tutorial on the teensy crochet trim with thread. I had been wanting to trim some pretty handkerchiefs, so I have one close to completion with pretty pink size 20 cotton, using my #13 crochet hook.
    Keep doing what you're doing...it's blessing those of us who stop by. I adore your lilli dolls and pincushions and doll house. (I'm seriously planning one for this Christmastide;))
    Thank you thank you thank you for everything!