Monday, June 4, 2012

Made What?!!!

  June....the month we start to toss some burgers on the grill, pick corn from the cob out of our teeth, and tickle our taste buds with watermelon. 
But do you know what I made for dinner tonight?
Chicken Pie!!!
And do you know why I made chicken pie?
Because it's so cold outside I needed to cook something in the oven in order to warm up the house.
 There was, however, a bit of excitement due to the event. Since we had to shift to a gluten free diet for several family members this year, pies of any sort had been deleted from our menu choices. Therefore, several weeks ago when I spied a gluten free pie crust mix at the grocery store I grabbed it thinking it would be a nice surprise. Considering the season I thought we'd be using it to contain some apple goodness on the 4th of July.....not savory chicken on the 4th of June. No matter, as far as the family was concerned pie crust would be a delight no matter what it housed......or so they thought. 

Me too, for all seemed well at first. The butter cut in as usual.
 The dough ball formed nicely.
 And after an hour in the fridge it even rolled out like velvet.
 But then, unfortunately, it's true gluten free qualities began to reveal themselves. Once touched by human hands the thing started to fall to pieces.  We've come to call it the "No Gluten/No Glue" law. Oh well I figured...most pie crusts have to be patched a bit here and there anyway....I'd just make do.

Wish I could tell you it tasted much better than it looked.
Ice cream and watermelon are suddenly sounding really good for July 4th.


  1. Oh, drat!!! I really thought maybe you found a delicious gluten free piecrust and I was going to find it and give it a go tonight....

    The search continues!

  2. I wish! Back to eatting our chix pie filling on top of mashed potatoes!