Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Made a Worktable Confession

 I'm in the midst of a wholesale order at the moment and so I spent yet ANOTHER wet and chilly day indoors (bad) at my sewing nook worktable (good!) All in all it was actually a pleasant afternoon...a cozy puppy by my feet, a hot cup of coffee, and oodles of crafty goodness at hand....lots of  favorites.
Which brings me to my confession. Not more than a week or two ago I made myself a new pincushion for my "out and about" sewing basket because the one I had been using was generic and store bought. It was in fact this very one you see here and guess what? I missed it. So much so in fact that I journeyed all the way down to the "someday, maybe yard sale" pile in the basement on a rescue mission. Reunited at last I named it Jennie and told her we were destined to be together for always.


  1. So glad you rescued Jennie!! Sometimes these things are just meant to be.

  2. I do feel so much better having her back!