Friday, July 20, 2012

Made Me Cringe.....Alot

 As a preface to this post let it be said that I promise to share something other than little houses with you tomorrow because I'm sure no one out there is quite as obsessed with the cutting of wood as I am. For today, however, I just couldn't help myself. While visiting my parents the same curiosity that killed the cat got ahold of me.....and although it didn't kill me it certainly made me uncomfortable!

 You see, my dad has a bit of a wood shop out in the garage complete with a scroll saw which I thought might be "delicate" enough to work it's magic on the 4 feet of wood I still have left to cut up. It did! Or at least it did with my dad's help.....

But at what cost? Lots of noise and speed combined with nervous sweat and rapid heartbeat worked well to create a delightful ache in my head.

Curious no longer, I have returned home with a much greater appreciation for my teeny saw and miter box. And while I'll be out on the side porch once again hacking away at the wood tomorrow, I promise not to show any more pictures of the process!


  1. Your work is just too intricate. Ha...that is the difference between how a male would do work, and a female. love,andrea

  2. I never thought of it that way but you are so right!

    Thanks a bunch for the heads up about the Queen Anne's Lace causing allergies...I didn't know that either but make quick work of removing the bouquets from our sleeping areas!

    Fondly, natalie jo