Friday, August 17, 2012

Made a Day of It!

 Headed out this morning with Teen #1 in tow for a bit of college scouting. UMass Amherst had the most amazing twenty-something storied library and Amherst College was quite picturesque but, since I was forbidden to do anything as "uncool" as take a picture during the tours, you'll have to take my word for it!

I did manage, however, to finagle not only a quick pop in to the  Emily Dickinson Museum on our way out of town, but a sneaky snapshot of it as well!


  1. Oh wow! Well, at least you remained cool :D I would love to see the Emily Dickinson house! I've heard Amhurst is just gorgeous.

  2. You heard correct...Amherst was picture perfect!!! Had it been me looking to go to college I'd have been sold on any school that allowed me to walk those streets everyday. Fingers crossed that our son finds enough to his liking to attend one of the area schools so at least we can revisit it's charm occassionally!

  3. Hi Natalie . . .

    2 of our sons went to UMASS . . . so I can tell you about some fun things out there and a really nice B&B . . .

    see you on Sept. 8 . . . I hope !!

    ck . . .

  4. Can't wait to catch up on all the news Cheryl...I was so sad to miss last month's meeting but that will make this one so much more exciting!!! See you soon...natalie jo