Saturday, August 18, 2012

Made for a Pleasant Afternoon

 It was the first I'd been out to pick some flowers in ages. Frankly I'd assumed they had all burned to a crisp during the reoccurring heat waves we had throughout the summer. So when I found a few delicate little pansies hiding out beneath the shade of our basil plant I was amazed! And what inspired this hankering for some floral delights in my day?

 This exciting article in the newest Country Living Magazine!

Oh how excited I was to spy the collection of books it featured for right away I recognized a kinship it shared with a book I had in my possession. Little had I known it belonged to a much larger series of books celebrating the various glories of Britain. Now that I do I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more editions although now that they've been featured so prominently I'm sure I'll have to pay a higher fee than the mere $3 my Garden Flowers treasure cost!

For today, I certainly enjoyed revisiting these delightful pages and even made a few plans for next year's garden in the process.


  1. What a beautiful book, and the pansies' colors are so pretty. This IS a good time to plan next year's gardens. I always try to jot down what I want to plant before time wears away my memory. love,andrea

  2. Hmmm...I do believe jotting down would be a fabulous idea as I'm already a bit fuzzy on my grand plans from yesterday afternoon!

  3. this book with pansies must be beautiful!

  4. Joule, I actually thought of you when I picked those pansies. Your work with them is so lovely.....I think I shall forever link the two of you together!