Friday, August 24, 2012

Made Me So Tired

School shopping.
Both boys were completed in under 3, clothing, new shoes...DONE!
Shopping with a teenage girl, however, is never ending. We already had 10+ hours under our belt when we headed to the mall this afternoon where, believe it or not, we spent another 6. And do you know what she's doing now? Making a list of all the things she still NEEDS to get...things like a ring, perfume, lotions, nail polish, and a mirror for her locker! 


  1. Hi! First of all...I love eggs...I could eat them every meal!

    You had alot of hours in just for school shopping. College shopping is even worse....and then...when they finish that and get their first apartment...that tops it all. Usually my husband does the last one...with his truck (good to have when you reach that age) and he wanders around IKEA for hours as they pick out their first furnishings! love,andrea

  2. I know...I can't AFFORD girl back to school shopping. Here's the thing. She has some legitimate needs like new soccer equipment (new sport at a school where 2 sports are required) and a $129 calculator.

    Actually the thing that killed me was the 6 hard binders at $8.50 a pop my son loaded into the cart...I buy the good ones so they can be reused so I am not sure why he needed all new ones...there is some investigation to be done on this front.

  3. Oh dear me Andrea I do beieve I'll be having bad dreams about that college shopping! As for the appartment that's more nightmare territory!

    And those binders! Erin...they are the bane of my existence! Why in the world must they have a different one for EACH subject?

  4. You're reminding me how lucky I am that we homeschool our teenage girl -- it's just a steady trickle of needs all year long. I don't think I could handle a marathon of it!

    Love your little Hitty capes!

  5. I'm beginning to think I can't handle the marathon of it either Michelle! Oh to be making those little capes again instead of hiking through the mall...