Saturday, August 25, 2012

Made Me Tippy Toe

I spotted this little fellow from the kitchen window.....he was doing his very best to nibble our lawn down a bit since dear hubby and I have been quite negligent in that area recently. I must say I wasn't surprised to see him as it has truly been the summer of the bunnies in our neck of the woods. Go for a walk and you glimpse a bunny along the wayside. Visit a neighbor and cross paths with a bunny in the dooryard. Did you hear a scary rustle in the bushes late at night while taking the pup out? Have no fear, it's not a skunk or even a it's a bunny!!!
But.....for all those bunny sitings this was the first time I was able to grab my camera and sneak back up on it for a photo shoot. Either my wilderness "quiet as a mouse skills" are improving or this was one brave bunny!


  1. Love bunnies, but we don't get many around here. Further out in the country they are over run with them. What I do see (and never have my camera handy) is koalas. I live in the outer suburbs and live in a koala migration pattern. They turn up around Christmas with their babies and travel through the park near me. I was lucky enough to have a mother and baby in the front yard one Christmas. Yes they are cute but they have claws and are easily frightened.


  2. Oh they must be soooo cute! I'd love to see a koala mama and baby but no such chance in our neck of the woods. Enjoy a safe distance! natalie jo

  3. how sweet, lovely to have nature visiting your garden

  4. And how sweet of you Pearl Maple to visit me as well!