Monday, August 20, 2012

Made Preparations

 The countdown has begun! School is right around the corner and we are so not ready for it. After years of experience I have learned there is only one solution to dire situations such as this.....

 And since the first item on any list I create is to "post the list" I wanted to do just that, here in this little nibblet of space that is oh so very much the heart of our home. All activities, appointments, invitations, and assignments  make their way through these files and across this board, leaving a tremendous paper trail in their wake. Wanting to have a fresh start for the year ahead I thought it best to have at all those bits and scraps.....

.....and make things as clear and orderly as possible in the hopes my mind will follow suit!


  1. School started for us on Monday :) hurray! Good luck with your preparations!~

  2. I don't have any school goers anymore and I must admit I miss it all. One thing we use to do on the first day of school was to have a party tea. First days can be stressful no matter how old they are and I use to try and relieve the anxiousness with a 'junk food' meal. Everybodies favourite was on the table including goodies. When I went back to school myself and my brood were 16 and 17, I came home to a junk food tea prepared by them and hubby. It was so nice.

    Hope all goes well for you and yours.


  3. A very neat but very long list....eeeek:)

  4. Eeeek is right! It certainly is long but I can't help but be tempted to add "junk food tea party." What a great tradition that is Delphine!