Friday, September 7, 2012

Made the Bees Happy

 This afternoon I finished off three more Bitty Blossom Pins while sitting out in the yard. The sedum was literally alive with bees and so I added my own flower creations to the mix just for fun. And it was fun....until the kiddos next store called me to come over to see a snake they had found...and the frog it was in the process of eatting as well! NO THANK YOU!!! My interlude with nature was done. I grabbed my pins, high tailed it inside, and locked the door behind me!
At least my new tally of 17 out of 84 granted me the next chapter and a chance to fill my mind with something more pleasant.
But oh that poor frog!!!


  1. The bitty blossoms in the sedum look lovely, nice photography. I would pass on the snake too. Spring is around the corner here and then summer with its slithering sun dwellers. Haven't come across one yet in the garden and hope not to. And thankfully they can't get under locked doors!