Thursday, September 6, 2012

Made to Put My Feet Up

Even though there are ten whole days until my birthday I already got a birthday gift! My mother-in-law, one of the busiest women I know in her own right, gave me this ottoman to put my feet up! As an added bonus the lid opens to reveal a cedar lined storage area  in which she thought I could store some of my sewing goodies. What she doesn't know is the amazing opportunity she has now given me to add to my stash! Thank you Jeanne!!!
Even though I was tempted by the idea of some fabric browsing, I was good and stayed put at home. Four more items were finished up bumping my tally  to 14 out of 84 and earning me a read through of the next chapter in Jewett's book. Of course, all of this was done with my feet up which I must say I found very much to my liking! I even gathered my knitting together and fumbled through another inch or so of the scarf hust in order to extend my position of leisure a wee bit longer.


  1. WHAT?!! You were tempted by the idea of some fabric browsing?! The next time that happens an immediate phone call to moi is in order :)
    With that being said, I'm glad you got so much accomplished and were able to do it in a leisurely way :)

  2. You have my will be the first and only one I'll call...I pinky swear!!!!