Thursday, September 27, 2012

Made A Final Farewell

 We are about to get a new car which means never ever will I have the comfort of driving a Saturn again. I kind of knew this day was coming and had begun to prepare for it. What I had not prepared for, however, was the fact that not one dealership that we visited offered car models with manual windows. Or manual locks for that matter. I sew on a featherweight 221, I have neither a dishwasher or a microwave, I will never buy a nook, or ever require a phone with blue tooth (whatever that is?) While I do foster a love/hate relationship with my laptop, I will admit I am quite fond of my tiny digital camera, and more than a little frustrated when the TV remotes are on the fritz. But now that I'm about to enter the strange world of techno gadget infused vehicles, I'm more than a little curious as to where my opinions will fall.

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