Saturday, November 3, 2012

Made Some Changes...Again!

 It was almost a year ago that we first made changes to the floor plan usage in our house by switching up the sun room and dining room. Considering that the sun room is unheated, today we decided to implement what will now be our bi-yearly seasonal switch and bring the dining area back inside where it's warm and cozy for the winter months ahead.
 Which means the sun room is now again just that. If nothing more it brought a breath of fresh air to our home and all humans concerned seemed pleased.
 The true test, however, remained to be determined by another breed....
.....and yup, it was definitely Bichon approved!!!


  1. I just finished painting the dining room and the living room. Now to move the furniture back in:)

  2. I do not envy you the work Mary Ann but oh it's going to feel so good once your all done!!!