Monday, December 31, 2012

Made A Celebration

 Today is a very big day. Celebrations dad's birthday, New Year's Eve, and the completion of my year of "Made."
 Throughout this past year I've made endless cuppas and mug ups,
 and almost as many pincushions!
 I even made some teeny version for wee dolly friends.
 I made things tidy,
 and created more than a few messes!
 I made friends with felted wool,
 and wrote up my first tutorial....Yippee!!!
 I cut out a wooden village,
 and painted it too.
 A few day trips were taken.
 A few treasures were acquired.
 Thousands of tiny stitches were put into the creation of.... entire fleet of Hitty capes.
 Flowers were picked,
 quilt blocks were stitched,
 and Lily Red was made cozy.
 Simmer picnics were enjoyed,
 and a few more rows were added to the never ending winter scarf!
All in all it was a great year!
Thanks so much to each of you for sharing it with me.
I do hope you'll peek in again as a whole new set of adventures are about to begin in 2013.....


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for sharing your story and your creativity. Your pictures and writings are always interesting and fun to read.

  2. Thanks to you Gail for your kind words.....I'm delighted to have you pop in for a visit now and then!!!

  3. Love your blog and enjoy the photos of your creations so much! I'm glad you posted that photo of your "mess" (pie). My daughter and I made a pie that looked just like it on Christmas Eve! Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words Jen! And for sharing a bit of your own personal pie disaster! Now I think it's quite funny but if I recall I wasn't laughing the day I took it out of the oven looking like that!!! Happy New Year to you too, natalie jo