Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Made A Lie

 The sun did peek out enough to get some pictures taken, I did finish up the scallop work, and I did prepare a tutorial of sorts on how to make them but I'm afraid I lied when I promise to reveal all today. Granted, I didn't know I was lying when I said it. In fact I was totally ignorant in regards to the amount of kid taxi driving I had in store for me. Plus I forgot I had a meeting at the school tonight. All of which made time fly by and me too tired for scallops.

 Zig zags on the other hand I do believe I can handle as they are fairly zippy both to make and discuss. Complements of my pinking shears the zig zags are in fact nothing more than a decorative edge given to this gift tag concoction of mine you see above.
 So much fun were they that I made up a whole batch of the little gingham gift givers.
 They really weren't much of a craetive revolution. In fact, they're almost identical to some nametags I once made up only instead of sewing a pin backing to the underside I punched a hole along the edge and looped a string through it to hang them by.
Plan is to sell them as four tags sets...but not tonight...
Be back tomorrow!!!


  1. Even the smallest things you do add so much beauty to the day :-)


    1. Oh Beth, thanks so much for you kind words! Hope all is well and happy in your little crafting corner...
      natalie jo