Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Made Me Wax Poetic

 I love gingham. I love polka dots. And now.....I LOVE SCALLOPS TOO!
I can't stop thinking how they look like little happy smiles which is funny for when scallops are employed in the creation of .......
they will assist in the function of keeping your smile tidy.!
 Yes , it's napkins I've had on my plate for the past several days. I had been reading Amy Karol's book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing looking for nifty gifty ideas for Christmas goodies when I stumbled upon her "Mixy-Matchy Napkins" and thought, "I want some of those!"  But of course I couldn't just follow through with her directions and make up a scrap bag assortment now could I? I just had to put my spin on it which opened up all kinds of questions. How big? How small? Lined? Unlined? Machine sewn? Hand sewn? Rick Rack? Crochet? Scallops?
 Obviously I went with the scallops and at first thought planned to make them double sided. This, however, had complications. Once the scallops were all stitched in place the fabric pulled awkwardly and required a work out with the steam iron to keep it in place which is not an ideal situation for something subject to as much washing as a napkin. 
 Second thoughts therefore involved omitting the lining and using a sturdier fabric that would secure the scallop stitches and keep them from puckering. Happily both alterations worked like a charm. I don't even mind that it's not fact I think it kind of looks cute on the back. Should company be coming I suppose I'd still suggest a quick once over with iron but pulling and shaping into place is definitely not required.
 In my initial enthusiasm I had prepared several other lined versions with the intention scalloping the edges. Knowing that was no longer an option it would have been easy enough to just have at them with a seam ripper but for the fact that I had fallen in love with the fabric duos I had arranged. 
 Thinking to put in some top stitching and call it a day I soon discovered even this simple process involved a learning curve. The contrasting thread used on the top version was only made worse by the back stitching on the corners. I'm sorry to say my life must be quite uneventful for you would not believe my excitement at finally producing a curved corner stitch using white thread on the top and red in the bobbin. I know, I know....truly an amazing feat isn't it!!?
 And now look at it! What a tricky little napkin showing two faces at once! 
Yet be warned dear nappy,
glory not over much in your current beauty for once put to task battle stains shall be testament to your obliteration of ketchup, juice, and other assorted foes from my family's faces. I do believe, however, I shall love you all the more for it. I really do need to get a life.
Stay tuned...tutorial tomorrow!


  1. I know just how you feel when you discover something all by yourself. Occasionally I have tried to explain my discovery to my husband, who can see I'm excited but can't quite grasp why. Love your napkins, have made something similar in placemats. Love the double sided napkin. Have you considered light weight interfacing to stabilize the material. But then, depending on the fabric that might make them too thick. All in all - they're all super.

    1. I have often seen a similar reaction in my husband! But then again I imagine he must wonder at my inability to express little if any interest in watching race cars drive around and around in a circle 500 times!!!

      Placemats that's exciting!!!