Thursday, December 13, 2012

Made A Napkin And You Can Make One Too!

 Who's ready to make some scallops?!!!
 If you are the first thing you need to do is select a cotton fabric you want to work with.

The second thing you need to do is decide what size napkin you want to create. I'm going to make this one what I call a "Tea Napkin." I want it to measure 10.5 inches which happens to be just the right amount of dainty to accompany tea and crumpets. To achieve that result I've cut out a 12 inch square of fabric to start with.

Have a gander at an assortment of sizes, pick one, and cut out your square!

10.5" Tea Napkins..........cut 12" squares
12" Lunch Napkins........cut 13.5" squares
15" Dinner Napkins.........cut 16.5" squares
18" Feast Napkins..........cut 19.5" squares
 Press a 3/8 inch hem on all four sides.
 Fold the hem over once more so you get a finished edge to it and..... it in place along one side.
 Thread yourself a needle in whatever coordinating thread catches your fancy. Begin your first stitch by inserting it up through the underside of the folded hem and just about 1 inch in from the right hand corner.
 After you've pulled the needle up and through, draw the thread over the top edge and insert the needle from the back (although technically the back in this case is actually what will be the front of the napkin!) You want to come up right alongside that first stitch.
 When you pull the thread through all the way it should look like this.
 But.....your going to want to pull it a bit tighter so it looks like this instead.
Take 2 more loop around stitches in this same spot to hold the fabric cinched in place.
 Now it's time to make you second cinching stitch.
Insert the needle alongside the first stitch and have it re-emerge 3/4 inch to the left.
 When your doing this make sure the needle doesn't pass through to the "front " side of the napkin but rather stays snug against the inner portion of the hem.
 Pull through.
 Take your loop stitches and cinch the fabric down to create your first scallop!
 Continue making scallops along the side......
  .....until you are about 1 inch form the left hand corner.
 Take a few minutes to fold and pin the next side over into a finished hem like you did before.
 Where the corner folds overlap simply take a few tiny stitches to tack the edges together.
 Starting 3/4 inch from the corner begin making the loop around stitches once again until side #2 is complete. Sides 3 and 4 should then be a breeze. Best put that kettle on because before you know it you'll have your nappy in hand and looking for your tea and crumpet to go with it!
PS - Have you ever seen a cuter corner than this?!!


  1. How sweet! Can't wait to try this. Your directions and photos are perfect!

  2. No, I haven't seen a cuter corner. I love scallops and I think I could do this without too much stress. Yay! I even have some fabric for napkins all ready to go.

  3. I'm so excited you ladies are going to try these out! Please do let me know how they turn out and what goodies you served up with your tea! natalie jo