Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Last Straw

 It snowed again yesterday.
 And although my little lucky penny doll was delighted for the opportunity to try out the new cape I made for her.....
 .....I am very tired of this view.
 Come to think of it...I'm tired of this one as well.
The good news is, today is the official start of spring!
Time for some fun,
a few changes,
and lots of color.
I find trays are the handiest when a transition is in order.
Moving to another room? Grab a tray.
TV dinner time? Grab a tray.
Welcome in a new season? Grab a tray.
 Considering I don't want to look at the snow out my window why would I want to look at it on my wall? Splashing in a spring rain puddle, however, now that looks like fun!
 Button, button, who's got the button?
I do!!!
Lots of them too.
And after an afternoon spent happily stringing them along I must admit.....
.....things are beginning to look up!


  1. Your pretty pictures are cheering me up today! We are getting snow figures...right after the first day of spring!

    1. So happy they had that effect! I'm hoping we have some flowers to cheer us up on the next several weeks!!!

  2. Love your photos! Sadly I haven't started on my precious Lily yet, but I think I just might have time today. I'm sooo excited to get started :) Have a lovely day!!!

    1. Oh my goodness...the little pincushion doll will wait while you stitch up all that wonderfulness I've seen going on over at your place! Love the Stitch Me Up blog hop pincushion and thread catcher you made along with the eggs, the aprons, the pop holders, the pinnies, and on and on and on!!! You are an projects and color!!!

  3. I am sick to death of snow too. I declared two weeks ago that we'd had the last snow day (it seems like they've been home at least once a week since Christmas). Well, I lied. I don't like lying. I don't like having the weather cuckhold me in such a way...

    Okay...enough of that. I love the tiny cape! Too cute. Remind Penny that Red Riding Hood wore her hood all summer long...I am pretty sure that story took place in summer. Didn't it?

    1. I checked the calendar...ours have been home once a week since Christmas!!! And now that we've got a week of good weather ahead I see a half day has been scheduled in who knows what!

      I also checked all my Red Riding books and do believe you have a must be summer as she is always gathering those flowers for grandmother!!!

  4. ...and it's so cold...pooh.