Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Sigh of Relief

For 20 years this thing has followed me around.
 How it did so is beyond me considering its tremendous weight and cumbersome build!
All in all it wasn't a bad looking piece.
 Although on most days its virtues were obscured by whatever superhero/transformer/alien Child #3 was currently obsessed with. On top of that the poor thing was squished in a corner and its keys rarely saw the light of day. 
Combine that with my new found desire to clear the clutter and dust from our home and it was time for that dear old piano to go on to greener pastures.
Enter Mario, a musician by trade but also an expert piano mover of sorts.
Yesterday as I stood on the porch and watched the two of them drive off together I had myself a huge sigh of relief. Not only were musician and instrument delighted to have found each other but I myself had found tremendous joy in the act of letting go.
Granted this is only a first step of many to come but it was a huge one and one that makes my new so-called "Cottage Quest" a reality. Yes I want to live in a cottage. More specifically, a summer cottage. You know the ones where possessions are bare bones, natural light is in abundance, and there is always time for a game of cards. In such a humble abode housekeeping would involve no more than the sweep of a broom or the swipe of an apron's edge and meals would revolve around the seasonal offerings at the local market.
Now, considering the basic architecture of our home is in that of the garrison style, it actually looks nothing like a summer cottage. But guess what? I don't care. I will do the best with what I've got and in the process hopefully experience some of the joys I imagine summer cottage living bestows on its inhabitants. 
So get ready....there's clearing and carting ahead along with a good deal of prying, parting, and painting. Who knows how long it will take? Who cares?
 In fact, do they even keep track of time in a cottage?
I know I won't.
When the sun rises it'll be time to get up. When the sun sets it'll be time to go to bed. And anything in between I shall consider time for fun! 
Care to join me....


  1. I have EXACTLY the same problem but mine's a pianola in perfect working order. Lovely to hear it playing but now children have flown the nest it no longer gets played. Very difficult to find a home for in the UK. They sell on ebay for 99 pence (buyer collects). I will follow your cottage idea with great interest Natalie Jo. Looking forward to the next installment! Eli x

    1. My greatest fear had been having to pay for it to be removed and meeting and unfortunate fact in the dump. Thank goodness for Mario...I do hope the two of them are getting along.

      I'm loving your new blog...especially the visit to Wray Castle. Imagine that was once a private home!!! Not very cottage like in the least I should think...

      Happy Wishes, natalie jo

  2. Oh! This brings back memories of a day of despair, joy and giggles! We moved house and the upright piano lovingly given to my daughter by a friend would not make the 90 degree turn down the narrow corridor and into the living room. Movers put it back out into the little forecourt outside and retired to their van right next to it for that British movers essential, the 10.30 a.m. tea break. We sat in the house by the window outside of which the piano stood.
    Fifteen minutes later --- it had vanished and none of us heard it being moved. I even checked in the van in case the men had put it back in there, intending to sell it. Not there and hysterical daughter wept whilst I tried not to rejoice openly! H cheered up when we went to report to the theft to the police in West Norwood, London where the conversation went:
    police lady officer: What has been stolen?
    me: An upright piano.
    police officer: Can you describe it?
    me: It's about so high by so wide and is in cherry wood.
    police officer: Why would you leave it in the wood?
    me: No, it is made of cherry wood, wood from a cherry tree.
    police officer: Oh. How does it play?
    me: You press the keys with your fingers (is this lady for real?)
    police officer: You wind a key?
    me:No, it has piano keys like...
    police officer: What colour keys?
    me: Giggle, giggle, black, splutter, and white.
    Daughter: Here, I'll draw you a picture of it!
    police office: You should have photos of your portable items of value..
    me: Portable?
    police officer: Can't you lift it?
    So we gave up and left.

    1. Many thanks to you Jenann for sharing your story...what a chuckle it gave me! I don't know what was funnier, the fact that someone was able to make off with an upright piano without a peep or the police officer's questioning? You made my day!

  3. I would love to join you, Natalie Jo! It will be fun to watch your cottage evolve :-)


    1. So glad to have you along for the ride Beth!

  4. I so love how you formulate your stories and bring them to life. I enjoy reading your posts because your words are as creative as you are. Thank you for sharing again.


  5. And thank you for you kind words Carolyn, they are very much appreciated!

  6. Doesn't it feel good to clear the clutter? With age, I feel the need to get rid of more and more....however, I need to rid the feelings associated with many items before I can continue. Does that mean I am a hoarder? Good luck, looks good!

    1. I wonder about the hoarding issue too!!! I think I've been right on the edge for years although I'm now finding great pleasure in the freedom releasing things can bring. On the road to recovery...

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