Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Time To Paint

 This has been my week.
 Project "Cottage Quest" is officially underway.
It was decided that the kids rooms would be the first to tackle. All three of our not-so-wee ones wanted to swap rooms. For several years now dear daughter had been envious of the boys' walk in closet while the boys often dreamed of creating some very cool Comic-Con inspired displays on the built in shelves dear daughter's room hosted. Considering, however, dear daughter had previously employed these same shelves as her personal doodle canvas it was definitely time to paint!
 The first step in the process seemed easy enough, I simply told the kiddos,
"Pack up your stuff!"
Dear daughter seemed to grasp the concept well enough but the boys.....
 ...NOT SO MUCH!!!
 We persevered however and eventually.....
 .....cleared enough wiggle room to proceed to the next steps.
Thank goodness our resident bichon was on hand to assist!
 We removed the carpets and all those pesky little staples they use to tack down the padding.
 We spackled.
We sanded.
We vacuumed.
And of course......
We painted the walls, the floors, the trim, and the bookshelves in colors dubbed things like "Flowering Herbs" and "Summer Festival."
And then, when all was said and done guess what I did?
I swept the floor.
It was the greatest feeling.
  Remember I had thought cottage housekeeping would involve no more than the sweep of a broom or the swipe of an apron's edge?  It seems I'm headed in the right direction!
Now I just need to bring that reality to the rest of the house...



  1. Natalie Jo. It's looking wonderful! It will all be worth it in the end.....at least that's what I keep telling myself! I'm with you on the carpet situation. I hate carpet! That was the first thing to go when we moved in!

    I love that beautiful light turquoise!

    1. Oh I love that turquoise too Becca! Dear daughter picked it out herself. Yup off we went to Home Depot with a bottle of nail polish, a dress, and several scraps of fabric all in the hopes of finding just that right shade she had come to love in each of the items. Not sure the paint department guy was thrilled with us but the results were worth it!!!

  2. Everything looks so light and I love the painted floor. I don't have carpets in my home and have found life so much easier with just a sweep of the broom. Don't try and keep up with the Bichon, you know what workaholics they are. Enjoy your cottage.

  3. Thanks so much Del...both for the compliments and the heads up in the bichon department!!!