Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day Four - Season of Giving

 Earlier today I had for myself a question being, "During this season of giving would it not be fitting to host a Giveaway?" To which I replied, "Oh yes, let's do just that!" And so off I went on a romp through my dishes to find a sweet piece of green depression glass because I do so think it lovely and sparkly to have around during Christmas time. Seemed to me this little candy dish would do the trick.
 But then, because it looked a tad bit lonely just sitting there by itself, I thought, "Now wouldn't it be nice to make up another little bird ornament to nest inside the dish before I sent it out into the world?" To which I again replied, "Oh yes, let's do just that!"
Now it's time for you to ask yourself a few questions.
Would you be in need a sparkly candy dish? Would a fine, not so feathered friend find a limb to roost upon on your tree? Would you be willing to leave a wee message here?
If so consider yourself a giveaway candidate!
To become a full fledged member of the giveaway hoopla here's what you'll need to do....
Leave a message in the comment section between now and 8pm Friday, December 6th.
Why so soon? Well for one I want to make sure you get your goodies in time for Christmas and two, because what could be better than to coordinate the giveaway reveal with St. Nicholas Day considering the guy is a pretty big deal as far a gift givers go!
I'll pick a name that night while enjoying a slice of Dundee cake and a cup of tea. Then, once I have the dishes clean and tidy I'll head on up and post the lucky winner's name for all to see.  
How much fun! I can hardly wait to get a needle and thread to work on that little bird tomorrow. Think it might be best to restrain myself a bit....I won't stuff him until I've had a chance to ask the winner one more question, "With lavender or without?"

By the way, if your wondering about that little bird just click HERE!



  1. I would love a new candy dish and I would also find a great perch for that little bird! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and Happy St Nicholas Day!

  2. What fun! We celebrate Saint Nicholas Day here as well!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Happy st Nicholas Day! Here in Holland it's a very popular tradition.

  4. Oh...I would so love one of your birdies. I love them! What fun!

  5. Please count me in....I have the perfect home for one of your wee birds:)

  6. . . . well I sure hope I win . . . for a few reasons . . . I love green depression glass as you know . . . I would love to have a bird made by YOU . . . but most of all, if I win I would get to SEE YOU !! . . . LOL . . . Merry Christmas, Natalie !! . . .

  7. Oh, my sweet girl! I love love love the green dish!! and that sweet fabric is just too too darling for words. Much love to you and a cross of my fingers and toesies....