Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day Three - Making Lists

 My plan of attack for any project is to first make a list.
Christmas is no different.
So this morning I gathered up some goodies and prepped them for an after dinner wish list extravaganza. At that time everyone gets to write down anything they wish for.
There is no guarantee that everything on the list will be acquired but if your very, very good chances are you'll be happily surprised!
We've done this for several years now and it has proved quite helpful. Often I try to have a theme to my list. Last year it was "consumables." This year however, it's "black" as in black Sharpies, black composition notebooks, black tea, and my really hoped for, black skeins of yarn for some granny square goodness I have a hankering to try.
 Then, during tea time, I settled down with a cuppa and the last of the Tree Nite cookies and started a list of possible Christmas projects from my stack of Mollie Makes magazines. Let me say this was lots of fun...well maybe not the part where I realized there were no more cookies left!  
My third and final list was made once everyone had hunkered down for the night. It is very secret and so I'm only telling you. I keep it in this itty bitty notebook but its pages are chock full of secret shopping plans. Based on the results of our wish list making after dinner I devoted the first couple of pages to shopping destinations. More detailed information follows but that I cannot
show even you!
 Did you notice Dunkin Donuts is up at the tippy top? That is most essential first stop for someone like me who would really prefer sitting home warm and cozy making their gifts. Not only does having a cup of hot coffee in hand help to keep me toasty while roaming the plazas, it also gives me the energy to keep up with the crowds and stand in the lines. And so, until such time that I can maneuver the ins and out of stitching a Nerf Gun Alpha Trooper CS-12 into being, you'll find me walking the aisles of Toys-R-Us sipping away on my paper hot cup.

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