Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Patchwork Tale

 And so it seems, with the reveal of little Lucy's patchwork of memories, that
Book One is concluded. What's that? Book One you say?
Yup, you heard correctly!
I've decided to tell the story of Lucy's memories in a series of mini books.
Collectively they will be called The Patchwork Tales but individually each will have it's own title.
 Book One has been named Attic Days...pretty basic I know.
To make it a little more interesting, however,  I thought it would be fun to also associate each book with a patchwork block pattern. Can you guess which one this is?
It's called "Spools" and I first thought of how much it fit in with Lucy's world way back here.  
 With the pages completed it was time consider how in the world they could be patched together into a book. Lucky for me I have a dear hubby with all the techno voodoo knowledge needed to put my scrappy papers onto a shiny new disk.
 Follow that with one quick pop in to Staples for some printing hocus pocus and....
But wait! That's not all....
Lucy thought the project needed one more touch, something a bit more delicate.
And so, with a sweet sprinkling of fairy dust, an itty bitty version of the mini book is officially underway!

Stayed Tuned....



  1. . . . I absolutely CANNOT wait . . . don't forget to sign me up . . . for EVERYTHING !! . . . I LOVE it all !! . . .

  2. Ditto to Granny Gran's comment. What a wonderful project. PUBLISH! My own dolls want a copy!

  3. I would love to have a copy. I have enjoyed seeing this project come to life!

  4. What a delight! I, too, want to be signed up! This is soooo exciting!

  5. Thanks so much for all your sweet words of encouragement! This weekend is slated for book binding and then a production line of sorts will soon follow....but first I need to clean out a spot for it!!!

  6. Natalie Jo!!! I am over the MOON!! Sooo excited for you! My little book has arrived, and it came a month ahead of schedule!! YiKES!! But it is adorable and I am so happy with everything about it:)
    Your entire process....I went back to each post, but got too excited for words!! ....every little thing is absolutely DARLING!!! Don't you stop till you've landed somewhere up on the moon and into the stars!!
    Much love and admiration and hugs!!!

    1. Yeah Christie! It's so good to hear from you and super exciting to know your little book has arrived...I can't wait until it becomes available for all of us to enjoy!!! please do keep us posted!

  7. So sweet! So charming! Are these going to show up in your Etsy shop? Are they doll size or for us big people?

    (I almost hate to mention it, but did you know there's an Attic Window block?)

  8. Attic Window?!!! I had no idea! Now that I do however, I'll plan to work it in eventually. Thanks so much for the heads up on that one!

    And as for the books...I'm working on two sizes! A 4x4 inch version for us and a tiny one for our wee dolly friends. Lots of fun for all!