Tuesday, September 2, 2014

SHOWTIME....19 Days and Counting!

 Just because the lamp has yet to receive it's patchwork love doesn't mean I haven't had my hands piecing away. One tiny doll quilt...
 ...and a matching pillow were my contribution to one of the raffle items that will be offered up at the show!
It's been a team effort. The crib was generously donated and fitted with mattress and sheets.
I added the aforementioned quilt and pillow and then just today passed it on to it's next destination where it will receive the final touch....
a tiny china baby doll!!!
(I got a sneak peek and can assure you she is a sweetheart.)


  1. Sorry, I missed this post and have just noticed it. This is stunning. It reminds me of the Brambley Hedge story books of my daughter's childhood. I do so hope that there will be a chance to see the baby in it, for those of us who live across the sea and can't get to the event.
    Feeling inspired by your wonderful work, but my stash of tiny prints is small -they are hard to find round here.
    Hope the beautiful crib is appreciated by all who see it!

  2. I have just one of those Brambley Hedge story books and you are so right Jenni. In fact there is an illustration in it of the coziest little mouse bedroom with a similar styled patchwork quilt that I've always loved. Must have been back in my mind there somewhere when I was working on this one. Wouldn't it be great to have a people sized Brambley Hedge Home and furnishings?

    And as far as those tiny prints go...I can still find them here and there but honestly the larger, more modern prints seem to dominate most quilt stores in my area as well. Some of them are quite pretty but with that scale I'd have to make something BIG!

    The camera is going with me to the show and I will indeed be taking pictures of the crib and baby doll and hopefully lots of other goodies as well!