Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Big Day!

 Well after all that time spent in preparation for the big event I was amazed
at how quickly the day itself flew by! It was literally over before I knew it and so by
the time I set out to take my photos, many of the displays and vendors were already
 breaking down and packing up shop. I did manage a few shots here and there
including this one of the cradle finished off with a sweet baby!
 The wardrobe displays were a thing to behold...just look at this one.
Now that is one lucky doll!
 These outfits were made with the most exquisite of stitches.
 And here...why an ensemble for every occasion!
 Since my booth was looking a little worse for wear by the end here's an earlier picture I took during set up practice at home. Of course Grandmother's dollhouse is missing along with a few goodies I added in to fill in the gaps but you'll get the general feel I think.
One of the hardest things about being a vendor for the first time was staying put at my booth while so many goodies were beckoning me to come have a look see. I was quite unnerved at
the thought that perhaps I'd be leaving the doll show without finding a treasure
to take home with me this year.
 I needn't have worried however, for this time around my treasure found me!
She had positioned herself atop a packing pile to await my frantic photo taking pass by.
She was impossible to miss with all that sweetness glowing bright.
I knew immediately we were kindred friends. 
She makes me smile so every time I see her!


  1. Sometimes, I feel so inferior! I couldn't begin to make such stunning wardrobes of clothing as the ones you made for Hitty and those in your photos above. But your doll is certainly the swetest little lady you have shown us. She would have been my choice too. I love her beautful but simple design.
    Congratulations on buying her!
    Jenni xx

    1. I'm so glad you to hear my little lady would have been your choice too! Sometimes I fear other doll collectors must think me quite the odd duck for I often bring home those that look a bit worse for wear. It's just that to me these are the little dearies that have the biggest hearts!

  2. I love what you put together in the photo example of your booth! Had I been there, your booth would have totally drawn me to it; I love everything that you do! Your new "friend" is just precious; I can see why you were drawn to her. Glad you and the "girls" all had a good time.

    Pam in KS

    1. Thank you, thank you Pam for such kind words! I do wish you could have been there as everyone that stopped by was ever so sweet and of such similar kindred interests that conversations and friendships blossomed. You would have fit right in!