Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 It was with a very sad heart this weekend that I finally admitted my little laptop of so very many years was not going to make it. A trip to the store and a very patient salesman landed me with this new friend. We had a rough go at first.....the "Skullcandy" sticker was a bit offsetting, Windows 8.1 way out of my comfort zone, and my fingers did not seem to fit the keyboard. Bit by bit we're working out the details and I imagine in time the two of us will be as kindred as can be.
 I forgot how much patience is needed when installing and transferring everything to a new computer. In order to pass the time I decided to add a few more touches to the living room canvas. The boys were thrilled with the addition of their vintage movie cards.
So much so in fact that they failed to notice me adding in a stack of quilted coziness. Previous attempts at such a maneuver had been seriously frowned upon but that was before I had
 mastered the fine art of distraction. By that standard, I imagine a new video game will be in order to compensate for patchwork curtains and perhaps a pizza party to balance out paisley pillows!


  1. Hi! I find it very frustrating to get used to a new computer. I buy a new computer every 3 years, because it seems that as internet speeds increase, it is harder for older technology to operate well, even with constant updates.

    1. Hello, hello Andrea!!! So happy to have you pop in and even more excited to find your new cooking blog...YUM!!! With your help I may get out of my kitchen rut :)

      So glad to hear I am not the only one to have a difficult time with computer changes....I think the six years I had my last one was a record! Will have to keep my fingers and toes crossed on this one that our time together will be as long.

  2. Hi Natalie Jo! I didn't enable comments so I am a bit of a blogging coward! I am trying to discipline myself and limit what I do online.

  3. "...mastered the fine art of distraction." Perfect!! And I wish you much patience with your new computer too :-)