Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Little Bit of Gratitude...everyday!

Earlier this week I was surprise gifted with a 2015 calendar by Susan Branch.
It made for a wonderful start to my day! The best was yet to be, however, for later that afternoon, while having a cuppa,  I lingered over each and every page in order to devoured every nugget of joy she squeezes in to them. 
I was especially fond of one of January's messages, "Count your blessings everyday."
Considering the fact that I already had a trusty lined calendar with all my "must remember" dates  hung in the kitchen I decided to keep this one just for me and my daily blessings.
So far the year is full of things (big and little) to be grateful for.
And, thanks to Susan Branch's fun reminders, quite a few to look forward to.
Case in point, check out the 22nd!!!


  1. . . . I love this idea . . . I have bought her calendar every year for years but never ever write in them . . . they are on my bookshelf like treasured books . . . but now I'm thinking this year's will have writing in it . . . thanks for this wonderful idea !!

  2. And isn't it just the perfect excuse to continue buying her calendar every year to come!

  3. Hello there Etsy friend! I have bought her calendars for years, always enjoy them- check out her blog - she is full of sweet positivity and her artwork is lovely too! Her latest book about her England trip is fabulous!! See I'm reading your blog too! :o) Cheryl

    1. Welcome, welcome Cheryl....what a treat to have you pop in here for a visit! I must say I absolutely love the phrase "sweet positivity" and cannot think of a better way to sum up Susan Branch and her artwork. Thanks you for that!!!