Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Little Bit of Organization

It's been quite a while since a wee bit of a doll named Lucy made her appearance around these parts. Way back when I mentioned the continuation of her story in a series of little tales and truly had the best of intentions regarding the availability of Book #2 within the year. Trouble was, as I started the process of getting her memories down on paper I just couldn't stop and over time I've pretty much sketched out the entire series from beginning to end. Unfortunately all the details exist in a huge jumble of mismatched notes and snippets of story lines. 
Today, however, I set out to remedy that...or at least to begin the process.
Composition books, while my favorite to write in, just aren't very adaptable when you set things down out of chronological order, which I seem to do quite often!
My solution (fingers crossed) is to transfer the information onto index cards that I can  maneuver here there and every where just like I did writing those dreaded term papers in high school.  At least this time the subject matter is to my liking!


  1. Oh how exciting we will be looking out for book 2 - don't forget to let us know when it is available. Quite understand about the need for organising....I am inclined to jot notes down as and when - looks like what you are doing is a good idea. Hope it works well :-)

  2. What a perfect way to phase it "jot things down as and when." I love that!!! Makes my jumbled mess seem almost romantic...thanks for the boost in spirits it brought me. Will definitely follow through with all new news pertaining to Book #2!