Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Little Bit More

Valentine's Day had some extra fun to it this very own "mail box" and oodles of happy cards from the wee one's at school.
And as if that wasn't enough to put a smile on my face I also received a box of salted caramel cupcakes....YUM!!!
They made the perfect companions to the cups of tea we kept close at hand throughout the rest of the day as yet another doozy of a snow storm came to visit.
Saturday afternoon our shed looked like this, but less than 24 hours later...
...the snow bank had grown another foot or so.
Only a few more of these storms and I expect the entire thing will be buried!
Even our front windows now are becoming hindered by the piles
Down the road,
and across the street,
everyone and their brother is buried in.
Even the lake will have to wait until the spring for visitors of any sort.
One very industrious neighbor, however, did manage to find our mailboxes
and for that I'm ever so grateful as I don't think my little Valentine version would have held up well at all!