Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Little Bit of Fun

For more weeks than I care to say these fabric strips lay awaiting their stitches.

Today, however, it's a whole different story! 
Not only were the stitches finally put in, but the patchwork piece was trimmed up, given a batting, and attatched to a backing.

Pockets were made.

Pencils were added.

And before long I had in my hands not one, but two of the pencil rolls I had so often drooled over!

The pattern came from Joelle Hoverson's book Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.
 One not too distant Christmas, I made up the little birds ornaments featured on the cover and gave them away to most everyone I could think of.  I'd always wanted to make the pencil roll project but never quite knew who to make it for...

 ...until now!
My preschool friends asked for homemade donations and knowing that we had some pretty creative little souls there I thought who better to gift it to. But, if your going to head out with a pencil roll in hand I figured a sketch book to go with it would be very much needed.

So, an added pair of patchy pocket on the front flaps and they were good to go.

It was great fun to make up a long wished for project.
So much so in fact I decided to try another...
the Miss Camilla Doll Pattern

I had just enough  yellow felt to give her a sunshine shade of hair.

And who wouldn't want a polka dotted dress?

The directions in the tutorial were spot on and so assembling the little dear was a breeze.
Thank you Shelly!

I even had time to whip up a little quilt to keep her cozy.

My favorite, favorite, favorite detail are the little Mary Jane shoes!
I thought those would be more of a challenge but again...

But best of all...


  1. Very very cute! The pencil case is perfect and the graduated colors are beautiful! Love this little doll- might have to check out the pattern link for a future at my house!
    :o) Cheryl

    1. Oh do have a peek over at the Gingermelon shop. Sooooo many cute patterns! I'm crrently tempted by one featuring pocket fairies that fit into an Altoids tin. The best part is the pattern comes with directions to make tiny bedding to fit the tin and one of the items is a wee cozy quilt!!!

  2. . . . I sooooo love it all !! . . .

    1. And I loved making it! At the moment, however, I'm experiencing a frenzy of EEP. After the fun of last Sunday I just can't seem to put it down. At this rate I may even have something for show and tell come June!!!

  3. Thinking I might need this little book! Such sweet projects! and you did such a wonderful job!
    That little doll…and that quilt and pillow…oh, my goodness! Sweetness!