Friday, April 3, 2015

A Little Taste of Spring

Remember back when I decided to create a Lily a month for the year ahead? January and February fell into my plan well enough but March.....well March was a different story this year. Usually it's a hopeful month with melting snow and the promise of blossoms to come but this time around it was downright stagnant. Winter held on even though my calendar said it was time to say goodbye.

These past few days, however, things have looked a bit brighter and a rise in the temp warmed me up to my Lily work again. Quicker than I might have guessed the Lilies for March and April came into being right before my eyes! Delighted as I was to finally meet with them I must say I was a bit sorry to discover the wicked weather had left its mark on these two spring dearies. Lily Red Riding Hood is perhaps the more appropriate of the two for at least I can justify her cape by the fact that the deep dark woods can harbor a bit of a chill even in the warmest of months.

This pour soul on the other hand had best pretend to live in the north pole. There is no denying she is a winter wanderer and as such I had no choice but to name her Lily Snow.

On the bright side, she does sport a basket of flowers. 
I'd tell you to use your imagination as to what snow bank she plucked them from except for the fact that their true origins are too delicious not to share. It began with a search around and about Etsy way for some teeny tiny baskets. A shop called Chocolate Letters had several listing that fit the bill but they also had so very much more. If you don't believe me just pop on over and have a look for's truly a world of perpetual springtime!

Thus inspired I tucked the girls away, changed up my background picture,
 and began dreaming of my May Lily to come. 


  1. They are lovely Natalie Jo! And I did order some vintage flowers for the dolls fair in Vt this summer, thank you for the recommendation. Do share your blog post with the Take Peace FB group-they would love to see your new gals!

    1. Oh those flowers will be perfect for the doll's fair! I do hope you all have a wonderful get is still a someday dream of mine to tour Tasha's home and the added fun you all bring to the adventure makes it so much more so. I have faith that the right time will come for me and try to practice patience until then. In the meantime I thank you and the entire FB group for being willing to share so much joy....even with those of us that tend to be on the quiet side around those parts!

  2. Your new Lilys are just gorgeous! Hope spring gets there soon!

  3. They are as darling as ever…your Lilys never disappoint, sweet Natalie Jo!
    Blessings and love,

  4. I love dolls and this is just the sweetest idea! Wow! you are talented! Hugs, Diane

    1. Many thanks to you Diane for sharing such kind words with me. They are much appreciated!!! Best of wishes, natalie jo

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