Thursday, September 24, 2015

Out and About and Back Home

At first there were pins,



and Pinelopes in a row.


But then they were to good homes of course, yet it left me feeling a little empty.
Lucky for me I was in the perfect location for a bit of retail therapy!

A hop, skip, and a jump away from my own booth I found a treasure trove
of miniature millinery.

I am truly delighted to now be the proud owner of a Judith Phelps creation.

It cost me a dip into my penny purse and a promise to Judith herself that I use it as inspiration to finish my Hitty who will be expected to attend next year's doll show along with me!!!

Several bundles of trimmings also hold the promise of future inspiration.

But my greatest find of the day....

...a puppy hugging lovie with red shoes!
I snatched her up quick as could be and headed home to give my real life fuzzy friend
a hug of his own.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing pictures of the show and your treasures. I will try very hard to make it next year. I just love everything about what you purchased at the show. And your pup looks like a doll too!

  2. It would be such fun to see you at the show....I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  3. So many cite things in your booth! Love the hat too, and I hope you get your Hitty finished soon.

    1. Oh me too dear is utterly ridiculous how long I have procrastinated on that little dearie!!!