Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Fun of Making a Mess

Even with my little fuzzy friend I was finding it a bit lonely.

So I decided to make a mess.

A mess of Pinelopes that is!

There was cutting and drilling and gluing galore.
Sanding and painting and a little bit more.... I put my hand to the task of attempting a signature.

The results were shall we say "interesting" but no worries... wardrobe production will cover the results!


  1. Will they be in your shop?
    Can one come to play?
    And visit with Lucy
    And maybe just stay?


  2. I forgot to say ...
    There are Rosanna's bunnies
    Who live at my house.
    And the newest friend
    Christie's, Eliza the muse.
    It will be an etsy reunion!

  3. A muse is a mouse! Sorry.

    1. Lucy, Eliza, and Rosanna's bunnies...what little Pinelope wouldn't want to come to stay and play? Goodness knows I'd like to as well! Half of the little dearies are fully dressed so the biggest task still before me is getting their boxes comfy cozy. I expect to have them headed to the shop by week's end but will be sure to give a head's up here before they do!

    2. Yeah! ��