Monday, January 18, 2016

A Spark of an Idea and Item Number #1 - My Thimble

Look what fell into my hands the other day. 
It was delivered via a kindhearted and kindred soul I have luckily crossed paths with.
Funny thing is, it was exactly one year ago that I had a similar thing happen 
with Marie Kondo's first book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up."

While reading that first book I was truly inspired to declutter my way to peace and serenity. 
By year's end, however, it was apparent that not much progress had been made.
Trouble was, no matter how much I organized and tidied I had failed to grasp the idea
that a substantial number of material possessions needed to

Not to the basement, or the attic, or to a nifty storage container.
Nowhere they could easily be retrieved and reinstated into my day to day.
And definitely not given "just in case" or "maybe someday" justifications.

Remember this from last time?
 This is what I need to do.
 Thank you Joshua Becker!

And this is going to help me.
(Notice it's a library book....that means I have no choice but to get it out of here when I'm done reading it!)

Marie Kondo sets the best criteria for knowing what to get rid of...
determine those items that bring you joy 
ditch the rest.

How do you know if an item "sparks joy?"
Well first off you hold it.
You see how it makes you feel.
What are its' ins and outs?

It's ups and downs?

This is my thimble. 

It fits my finger perfectly.
It used to float around in an old tin of buttons, I remember seeing it there when I was little.
Without it my finger suffers at the end of a needle and so it serves a function.
In the summer it tends to get sticky but in winter it spins in circles.
Wearing it means I am doing something fun.
It brings me joy.

I'll be keeping this thimble.
I had a fitting session with the rest and found only one other that fit me as well. 
It doesn't have the memories this one does so I declared it to be my travel thimble since losing it would not bring heartache.

All of the others went to the supply bin to turn into thimble pincushions.
I even flattened the tips with a hammer so there would be no take backs on the decision!

And one more thing....
thinking about my thimble made me realize how much I enjoy the time spent wearing it and making things. I wanted more of that and less finger surfing on the phone so I disposed of every single unnecessary app on it. I guess that phone is not so smart now is it!


  1. I have this book as well and started working on that decluttering process last year....did well for a while, but then it all came to a standstill - need to get back to the task on hand. I love the criteria it suggests to use 'Does it bring Joy?'! Perfect question.

    1. You sound just like me! On the bright side...each time we come back to the decluttering process I do believe we get better and better at it!

  2. I have a small sewing room and learned early on how quickly it can get cluttered. I can't live with clutter so, it's easy for me to purge often and keep only the things that make me smile. I don't buy on a whim anymore either, which has taken some time to master. Press forward keeping things in motion and you will arrive at a place that's enjoyable and comforting for you.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "Press forward" is just the mantra I need to keep myself motivated on a daily basis!!!

  3. I am reading her first book now. I went ahead and did my clothes last Friday and I am very pleased. I was going to do it every friday when I am not working but I my daughter is home sick today so I'll need to skip this week. I am anxious about doing my crafting supplies since that is the most cluttered overflowing area and I love all my stuff so much. I'd love to know if you have any other tips on applying her book to supplies for making things. Scraps and bits can be so useful and joyful in making things but keeping them all is overwhelming. I do love your timing of this post. Happy New Year!

    1. Scraps and bits are a true downfall! I can't say that I have any tried and true tips as how to keep them from taking over but I am working on it in little baby steps. One thing I have found is that as I begin to organize my supplies and materials and see how much easier it is to find what I want when I want it it does get easier to pass along those "just in case" bits and pieces.