Sunday, July 30, 2017

Right Around the Corner

One of my favorite times is coming up!
It involves a lot of preparation,
a little lack of sleep,
and quite a bit of slippage in the housekeeping department

Yup it's doll show time and it's right around the corner.
Yet when I had a peek back at past years I was surprised to see I really didn't 
start preparing until mid to late August...hmmmmm.

Could it be I finally paid attention to that note I wrote to myself on the 
July page of my calendar to 
"Get ready earlier!"

Maybe it's the fact that "Back to School" hits full force the very same week as the show
and this time around not only will preschool will be back open for business 
 but I'll be heading off to college myself  for a wee refresher.

Or perhaps it's because I've had it on my radar 
for the past several months 
due to this...

...our annual flier layout for the show.

Minus the fact that this is an amazingly terrible photo 
(compliments of my phone) let me just say I love this little flier. 
It's familiar and cozy and for me represents tradition and dependability. 
The biggest excitement of receiving them each year is to see what color they will be printed on.
I even like the fact that the directions are written out for you since I can't 
quite seem to entirely trust the whole Mapquest mentality yet.
But considering I'm not the norm, 
ramblings under way  in the 
revamp department.

And so a while back I was put to task with a bit of sketching....

...which progressed to some layout planning,

followed by a little line drawing,

until finally a rainy day was made bright with coloring fun!

It seems with that mission accomplished
I've got the inspiration needed to push full steam ahead 
in the production of inventory...
wee wooden dollies,
pincushions galore,
and an assortment of itty bitty go along goodies.

Considering I'm not on the show committee 
I honestly don't know the ins and outs of how or even if  my flier will be used. 
What I do know, however, is that I can't wait!

If anyone is interested in joining the fun, please do!
You can find all the info here
if you'd like a little flier of your own just let me know...
I'd be delighted to send one your way!


  1. Dear Natalie Jo!

    I would love to have a flyer! It is beyond my current reach to come, but it looks like such a wonderful show; and your artwork truly touches the doll soul in all of us :-)



    1. I'd be delighted to send a flier to you Beth! I can do it either snail mail or via e-mail with an attachment for you to print. My e-mail address is Please feel free to use it to let me know which you prefer and an address to send it to. I'm so excited!

      Happy Wishes,
      natalie jo

  2. Will you please email me your sweet flyer? I would love it! Thank you so much! Shari at

  3. Oodles of thanks for your interest Shari! It's on the way to your inbox as I type!

  4. Could I please have a flyer?