Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Reading

Within our walls exist 
a dear hubby that works from home,
three quite grown up "children,"
and a bichon pup with severe separation anxiety issues.
To expect our day to day
(or night to night)
to flow in a leisurely summer manner
would be asking a miracle...
and so I don't.

Instead, I read.
This year I even went so far as to create a 
summer reading curriculum. It includes a selection of books 
picked with lifestyle dreams in mind since I figure you 
can't redirect your daily path if you're
not quite sure where you
want to go

I started with a few favorite authors....

combined with an interest in remote coastal living,

a tad of cozy housekeeping love,

and a hint of New England nostalgia.

I suppose the cherry on top is this one...

I've had it in my possession for ages and am shamed to say have not yet even 
browsed it's pages. Strange, especially considering Tasha Tudor 
wrote the introduction. Perhaps it needed to be saved 
especially for this summer.

It might be just the inspiration needed to 
hurl myself out and actually go visit someplace beyond my own dooryard.
They do have tours of the island you know!

Speaking of traveling out and beyond....
a gathering of wee friends made their way out into the world this week.
What brave little hearts they have!

Only two remain.
Both also have a bent for adventure 
so I've promised to provide just that by posting them 
over Etsy way come Friday morning.
I do believe a few Pinelopes
intend to join the fun 
as well!


  1. A lovely post, Natalie Jo. I am also a homebody; puttering around playing at housework, reading, crocheting. We bike the area, but then we live in an urban environment far far from a New England garden.

    Enjoy your reading list, and your summer pursuits, whatever they may be :-)



    1. I love being a homebody! Not many in my neck of the woods which is why it is so wonderful to connect with such kindred spirits here online!

  2. I agree with Beth, a lovely post Natalie Jo and some really interesting reading...I think we may have quite similar tastes. Enjoy your reading, and I think I may look up some of those books you have chosen as well.

    Love your latest little travellers, they are so sweet.

    1. Oh please do let me know if you read any or if you have any recommendations! New suggestions are always so exciting!

  3. Happy to see you with a sweet post!
    Love my little pin cushion that I got from you on Etsy! You do such wonderful perfect work! Will treasure it always!
    Love the books- Susan Branch is a favorite!

    1. And I'm sure the little pincushion loves yo right back! What luck it gets to spend it's days with you!