Sunday, August 26, 2012

Made Me More Than a Little Embarassed

 Digging through the closet in search of the kid's backpacks for school look what I discovered..... scarf. To be more precise it's my UNFINISHED scarf from LONG, LONG AGO. Some of you might remember it's brief appearance last January, but very few (thank goodness) will recall its first appearance way back here. Perhaps if I put as much time into knitting it as I do into stashing it away I'd have a completed scarf to wear come winter. 
Tonight I stuck it in a bowl on my bedside dresser hoping It will inspire me to tackle a few rows each night before I go to sleep, Think I'll go put my jammie's on, brush my teeth, and give it a trial run!


  1. I have one of those next to my chair in the living room, same colour. Was going to use up all my bits of wool, this winter. Didn't get very far. Never mind there's always next year ...or the next!


  2. Next year sounds good to me too Delphine!