Friday, August 31, 2012

Made a Trip

 A family day trip today took us north to Maine where I had high hopes of finding some of the old school charm I've been reading about  Elisabeth Ogilvie's books.
 Considering we were visiting the tourist destination of York Beach and not an off shore island inhabited by fishing families I think I was quite lucky to spy at least this one little boat seemingly intended more for function than the fleets of recreational sailboats that preened for us in most every harbor.
 And I did have myself a "mug up" of coffee. Even though it wasn't brewed by a Bennett or served in a mug, I still thought the smell and taste much more exciting simply because it was Maine made.
 All in all it was a very good day. Lunch at The Goldenrod was a bit of a step back in time.
 An assortment of seaside stores were visited and cute benches were sat in.
 Entrance into the "Wild Kingdom" brought us up close and personal with.....
 baby deer,
and roaring lions (although with a much appreciated fence between us!)
 And what better way to end the day but with a walk on the beach.....
.....where our weary feet had a chance to be free at last!

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