Saturday, September 1, 2012

Made It All Gone!

I can't begin to tell you how much I wish I had taken a before picture.  To tell the truth,  however,  I had very low expectations surrounding the mom made a gluten free pie crust.
We were having an end of the summer celebration complete with games,  the grill,  and lots of goodies!  I was suppose to bring the dessert but she beat me to the task while I was out gallivanting up in Maine yesterday.  I learned about the event via the phone upon our return.  Knowing that she used the same box mix I had back HERE,  I suggested I still make the batch of cookies I had planned to bake off.  But no....she assured me her pie was fine.  More than fine even.....that she had the "knack."  Yeah right,  no one could work with that dough,  or so I thought.
And yet there it was,  waiting for me in all its lattice topped glory,  a truly beautiful pie.  As for the taste you ask?  Obviously the picture speaks for itself!



  1. My son's girlfriend is gluten intolerant and I am sorry to say I tried to make her a pie. It was a packet pastry and was doomed from the beginning. It didn't roll very well and just fell apart when I tried to move it. Obviously a pastry with a nervous disposition. So now your mum needs to spill the beans and let us all in on the secret!

    You mention Elisabeth Ogilvie. I haven't read her work but one of my favourite writer's is Sarah Orne Jewett. She comes from the time of Mark Twain and writes similar stories to Elisabeth Ogilvie, guessing from what you have described. 'The County of the Pointed Firs' is my favourite and 'The Heron'. If you ever find yourself with time on your hands (he he) you might like to read some of her work.

  2. So glad it wasn't just me that experienced a doomed pastry experience! I will investigate and share the details of my mom's secret soon.

    First, however, I'm working on locating a copy of anything by Sarah Orne Jewett! I read up on her writings and am so excited to start reading had a "look inside" tidbit of the first few pages and I'm already in love with the style. Thank you sooooooo much for the recommendation!!!