Thursday, July 10, 2014


 Looking Back...
It has recently come to my attention that I failed to ever post the follow up photos to last summer's portion of Project Cottage Quest. Tackled at that time were the kids' rooms which, small as they are, created quite a mess everywhere. It wasn't until September that things all fell back in place but when they did everyone was pleased as punch with the results.
 Dear daughter's room was cleared of so much stuff. She was downright brutal in the decluttering process but as a result was very successful in creating the crisp, clean setting she wanted.
 The boys on the other hand like their collections around them. Having the shelves has been a great way for them to create rotating displays of whatever the current super robot alien action blockbuster movie happens to be.
 Even the living room eventually became functional again!
 Looking Forward however....
The writing is literally on the wall and it's time to paint!
We found oodles of notations behind the bookshelves that were removed. Archeological evidence of my insistence that dear hubby bolt every single piece of furniture into a wall when the kids were much younger and toddling around. 
 Looking Down....
I'm thinking those floors could do with some brush strokes as well. Of course that means clearing out the carpet first. Not my favorite job in the world but if it means I can have at the floors with a swish of the broom as opposed to dragging that monster of a vacuum around I'll put all my muscle into getting the job done.
 Looking Up.....
I realize I'm going to need some new curtains. Plan is to revisit my patchwork plans from several summers ago. Maybe this will be the year I get them done?!!
 And finally,
Looking On The Bright Side....
The pollen is gone and creative endeavours are back in play.
I've even had a few break throughs in the velvet cushion department.
Stayed tuned.....


  1. Your children's rooms are beautiful...well okay, one is beautiful and one is a very functional and fun boys room! A very elegant living room.

    We too have to pull up our very old and very stained carpet...trouble is we need some clear dry weather as the only place for the furniture to go while this job is undertaken is the patio and lawn! But you have inspired me to make a bit more effort to get things done.

    1. We have a similar situation with the furniture being in the way. At the moment we are planning to rip the carpet out section by section a shifting the furniture around and about the room as we do so. We'll probably come to regret it but at least it will be baby steps in the right direction...I hope!!!

  2. Love a good decluttering session too! Everything looks so tidy and Pottery Barn perfect:-)

  3. It did look quite tidy in that picture now didn't it...I can only imagine everyone was out of the house at the time I took it for I can assure you that is not the normal condition for our home to be found in!

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  5. What lovely rooms....both pretty and FUN!!!! Very comfy!! The living room is very pretty and after the carpet is removed it will be so much easier to take care of. Velvet pincushions....I am hoping that can only mean one thing...or a few! How exciting!! Waiting with baited breath...LOL!! Hope you and your family are having a GREAT summer!!

    1. Oh Belinda if you could see my living room now! What a mess I have created....on the brighter side, however, the velvet cushions are progressing nicely. Just have to have faith the living room will eventually follow in a similar path now won't I?!!