Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bichon Blues

 I'm in the doghouse....big time.
My activities these past several weeks have not meet with approval as far as our little bichon is concerned. First it was the doll show in September. The hoopla and preparation that went into the event put a big dent into snuggle time and for a lap dog that is no laughing matter! 
To add fuel to the fire, I soon after confiscated the couch pillows. They were never my favorite but since bichons aren't concerned with fabric, prints, or even color he had adopted them as his surrogate snuggle buddies in my absence.   
His constant slinking around my feet and accusing glares set me on edge a bit
as I began stitching my seams.
But in do time they came together nicely,
 florals on the front...
...and a hodgepodge of fabric fun on the back.
I was delighted with the results and the bichon was too...especially since we gave them
a cozy try out together!
The biggest offense, however, has yet to be forgiven. 
I've taken a small job outside of the house.
More days than not I spend my mornings helping out as a teacher's assistant and my afternoons begging forgiveness from you know who. A handful of cheerios and a bunch of hugs help but it's not until the tote bag is tucked away in the closet that doggie serenity is finally achieved. I'm afraid it's going to be a very long year...


  1. This sounds exactly like our house. I started working as a Teacher's Lunch and Recess Aide last spring and my dog is just disgusted with me. And while I like being with the kids and enjoy being outdoors (most of the time), my time is no longer my own, which I do NOT like. I haven't made anything for eons and am dying to do so. Less time for photos, less time for blogging, less time for making, less time for me (as all the rest has been devoted, apparently, to my daughter and her pursuit of college). I hope you like it though!

  2. Oh the senior year is a nightmare...what with all the graduation, yearbook, prom, SAT, college application, FAFSA, and scholarship hoopla! It's truly unbelievable how time consuming it is. We're on our second round of it this year and I wish I could say it gets easier but it so far we haven't seen it :(

    And as for being out of the house during the's interesting. My biggest complaint has to be the limits it puts on taking pictures in a good light...especially with the shorter days now. Slowly but surely I'm assuming I'll figure it out...fingers crossed!!!